"Our CSR ambassadors are making the difference with their local sustainability programme" - Ibai Jimenez - CSR & Sustainability Lead 

As a group, we value and encourage local initiative, while we expect our operating companies to adopt standards and tools that emerge from joint CSR projects.

A key to the success of our CSR & Sustainability programme has been the creation of an internal network of CSR ambassadors from over 26 countries. This move is part of the company's commitment to encouraging local initiatives while ensuring that its operating companies adopt standards and tools that emerge from joint CSR strategy.

The role of the CSR ambassadors is to share information, collect feedback, and promote awareness and commitment to CSR topics with their local colleagues. These ambassadors have voluntarily joined the community and have demonstrated their enthusiasm and commitment to the cause. They were selected by the local management teams to ensure that they had the support of their local colleagues.

We acknowledge that the creation of this internal network of CSR ambassadors is a significant step toward achieving our sustainability goals.
The establishment of this network of CSR ambassadors in 2020 was a clear indication that Zeelandia Group takes its sustainability commitments seriously. The network will provide a platform for exchanging ideas and sharing best practices, ultimately leading to more sustainable business practices.

As a leading producer of baking ingredients, we recognize the need to promote sustainable practices in the food industry. With the creation of this internal network of CSR ambassadors, we are well-positioned to achieve our sustainability goals and make a positive impact on the environment.

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Zeelandia's Global CSR Ambassadors